Our colorists are trained in the latest creative, custom trend techniques. Due to the customization of what we do, we charge a package color price plus product. Prices can include haircut if requested. We suggest a consultation before getting started.

1.5 Hour Mini Touch Up$116+
2 Hour Touch Up$154+
3 Hour Shine Up$255+
4 Hour Glow Up$340+
5 Hour Transform Me$425+


Imagine never feeling like you've got lion hair ever again. Our clients are obsessed with the control they have when humidity hits. Vacations, bbqs, kids outdoor sporting events and their day-to-day lives have been changed forever. Our clients finally get to be themselves without the weather determining their fashion sense. Book a Brazilian Blowout with one of our stylists and feel your confidence grow. Never be irritated again. The Brazilian Blowout product will fade off the hair every 12 weeks and need to be reapplied. If you wish for less appointments to the salon yearly for frizz control… please consider our QIQI product with one of our other certified stylists.

1 Hour Brazilian Smoothing (hair length above the chin)$175+
1.5 Hour Brazilian Smoothing (hair length at shoulder)$247+
2 Hour Brazilian Smoothing (hair length middle of the back)$320+
2.5 Hour Brazilian Smoothing (very long and very thick hair)$392+


Style includes flat iron and/or curling iron finish

Shampoo & Style$77
NBR™ Blow Out$116



Extension needs are unique to each guest. We suggest booking a consultation with one of our NBR™ certified stylists. We offer complimentary virtual consultations via the link below. Here you will learn about pricing and maintenance. We will reach out to you when we see the below consultation completed.