Great question! I get this one a lot!

The strongest most beautiful hair comes from the Asian regions.

I always say—it’s not weird—it’s like potatoes or corn to us! Hair is a part of the Asian economic chain that supports their families and kids education. It’s wait they do!!

On another note…ILSA is what we call “cuticle intact”

“Cuticle intact” means the hair is all going the same way. This is important!

The cuticles of hair are like fish scales

If the cuticles aren’t in tack and the heaters go on for winter—it’s a huge mess!

So this winter I’m so happy to be working with Danielle White’s new hair line ISLA.

We have been working with ISLA for about 6 months now. The colors are amazing and they last! Which means you always look on point!

If it’s time to upgrade your hair, you might consider trying ISLA – I’ve been wearing it myself for the last 4 months! I’ve been so happy! And I know for certain you will be too!

~ @leahglosskc