The hard part is figuring out what you want that life to look like 🤓

I made a pack with myself that is paying off tremendously…want to hear?

I stopped expecting how things should be, and turned on my heart and started listening

Our paths are right here if front of us.

We’re fighting them because of our ego and afraid of what if other will think of us.

If life is not coming easily, I suggest that we should sit and learn to listen to the space and air around us.

Listen to the air…? Yes! Just listen to the air around you. It will talk to you if you start listening. If you embrace it, it will become your life long friend and always lead you to your best self.

It sounds sooo easy right? Dare you to try it.

On an another note, isn’t my dress so cute! It the girliest thing I’ve ever worn.

Ask me about me newest wardrobe obsession when you see me next!

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~ @leahglosskc