To me, The difference between ON and IN

Working IN a business means fulfilling sales and the end product for your customer.

Working ON a business means envisioning a newer version of your business and sitting down with pen and paper and creating systems and processes to get you to a new reality.

One makes you cash Immediately- while one make you cash in the future.

I believe working on your business is a learned skill—something you do when you’ve mastered giving your customers the best possible service or good.

I am at that sweet spot in my career where I feel like I can give my hair extension clients the most wow factor for their dollar and create new realities all at the same time.⠀

But getting there was HARD. Figuring out what I could cut out in the short run that would pay off in the long run.


Clear cut topics I choose to invest in the long run:

People Education Family Myself

Investing in these four areas with a growth mindset makes it easy to let go of the gerbil wheel and shoot for the long game

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